Special Musicians


Kineret Hendeles


A charismatic singer and former "The Voice" contender, Kineret was born without a left hand but with energy and talent to spare. She is eager to find new ways to express herself musically.


Ofer Green

Electronic Musican

A talented composer and electronic musician, Ofer began losing control over his muscles and voice at the age of 14. This is how he found out that he was suffering from a rare condition called the Majado-Joseph disease: a cureless neurological disorder similar to ALS.


Liron Atia

Musician and Filmmaker

Singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Liron became paralyzed from the chest down due to a ski accident. He is the founder of successful Israeli rock band "Blue Pill" as well as an up-and-coming video director.


Roy Ginat


A gifted pianist born with Autism, Roy lost his sight and part of his hearing ability at an early age due to a complex surgery. Roy is a truly inspiring survivor with perfect pitch and a unique style of playing.

Our Partners

Event Organisers

Matan Berkowitz

Matan Berkowitz


Founder of Shift, a company that collaborates with startups, municipalities, hospitals and organisations on positive impact through innovation. As a music technologist, Matan has developed award winning prototypes utilising everything from EEG brainwaves and heartbeat sensors to custom made designer hats.

Roy Tal

Roy Tal


Owner of Tal Studios - a company for production and representation of artists in the Israeli music industry. Founded with Shirley Winner the voluntary organisation IMAGINE (NPO), with the mission of making music accessible to the special needs population, and the belief that anyone can be a musician .